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A little bit about us

Hi! We are Juliana Verlatzky and Fede Wenger, two individuals with a passion for creating new stuff.

We design, deliver, create, measure and promote everything that will make your business grow, a lot!

Located in Herzlyia, a beautiful city close to the beach, Shulay works everyday to bring its customers the best ideas in the market.

With a big variety of customers, from professionals to large international companies, we always put our projects and goals FIRST!

A unique and professional touch gives Shulay the possibility of offering a personal answer for each and every customer.

With up-to-date tools and a modern look at the marketing world Shulay provides great options for a unique presence in the digital era.


We value and respect honesty, passion and the desire to explore, and no matter who you are, we will always deliver the best solutions.

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Herzlyia - Israel 

Email:    |    Mobile: +972-509100319

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